Well, here we go again trying to unravel and make sense of the acts of criminal behavior that is being perpetrated on those seeking asylum in our country. First we put the children in cages and then we spray them with tear gas. Where are we living? What is happening in this country? We are acting like one of the barbaric countries in other parts of the world that have no conscious, no compassion, and no humanity. I am not saying that we allow people to just flood through the borders of we seem to think is our land alone, but there is a process for allowing people to seek freedom and justice in this country and if we can land on the planet Mars, there should be a way for us to peacefully and orderly to help those who need our country to maintain the the sanctity and quality of their lives in the face of terror and death. We should have enough influence and resources to rally countries around the world to stand up for the rights of others in the name of “birth rights to human existence”. I just don’t feel that we are moving in the right direction. We are creating a legacy that will be the foundation to the demise of this country and ultimately the world that depend on us to be a beacon light, a sacred place that represents intelligence, wisdom, ethics, justice and liberty for all. We are suppose to be the most powerful nation in the world not just in reference to our military strength, but in terms of what was to be our destiny call as a role model for the world in terms of grace and mercy. We have a responsibility to be more than we are being.

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“The Global Covenant to Protect the Sacred Lives of Children”.

Stand Up! Speak Up! Show Up!  Time is running out!

The Global Covenant to Protect the Sacred Lives of Children


 The Covenant

Children have a right to be born in a world that provides the resources that will enable them to be cared for spiritually, medically, economically, educationally, and in terms of their social emotional well being. We must provide a social consciousness that honors and values the existence of children as the greatest element that sustains and enhances society. Therefore, we as members of the worldwide global community are being called upon to establish this covenant to protect the rights of all our children.

Children have the right to be cared for and raised by loving, gentle, intelligent, adults that are capable of making wise decisions. The well being of each child is the responsibility of the global society regardless of country or government.

Children have the right to have parents, extended family, teachers, and community resources that will provide only the best of what life has to offer. Each of us must be held accountable for the welfare of all children.

Children have the right to say no in the face of danger that will cause them mental, emotional or physical abuse or endangerment and to be supported and defended by their parents and the law.

Children have the right to be in safe and nurturing environments at home, at school and in their community.

Children have the right to be loved unconditionally and respected.

Children have the right to express their inner most thoughts and needs and guided on how to do so with respect for themselves and others.

Children have the right to be happy and lighthearted.

Children have the right to be accepted as unique individuals with special gifts to contribute to society.

Children have the right to be heard and listened to attentively and respectfully.

Children have the right to be children and not be seen or treated as miniature adults.

Children have the right to be valued and accepted for who they are.

Children have the right to spiritual exposure and development that enables them to develop their divine character.

Children have the right to be guided into positive acceptable behavior that will support them in being their higher self.

Children have the right to be given the tools to develop good self-esteem and even more important, self-respect.

Children have the right to be given the time, space, and opportunities to develop self-discipline and motivation to realize their own dreams and aspirations.

Children have the right to develop age appropriate autonomy and independence.

Children have the right to learn how to make age appropriate choices and decisions.

Children have the right to be acknowledged for their ideas and accomplishments.

Children have the right to be given everything they need and some of what they want. All life’s basic necessities must be provided which includes being cared for by their parents, medical, shelter, food, clothing, safety at home, school and community.

Children have the right to experiment, interact, and explore their environment that should enrich their lives.

Children have the right to participate in artistic expressions that foster the essence of culture and our humanity.

Children have the right to play and for us to value their play as the means by which they absorb knowledge.

Children have the right to a meaningful and purposeful education that will prepare them, for not only further academic mastery, but also will prepare them to be whole, healthy, self-confident, responsible, contributing adults in society.

Written by: Elizabeth M. Galloway-Evans

Copyright: January 1, 1990

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The Exterminator’s Last Stand: Crimes Against Humanity & Children

                                                                                  This is the Exterminator’s Last Stand it’s coming for our children.
                                                                                            The Dream of the Forefather’s is coming to fruition.

This is what I was thinking about 9 years ago? Now it is coming to past that…

They come in like a flood to the shores of our borders,drowning in the midst of the pain they must endure and suffer.
Borders on land that we stole for the price of stealing the life and soul of others. They want a new life, even more compelling, they want life. They are willing to sacrifice what little they have, to make a way forward to save their child. And when they get here this land of the free and home of the brave, we throw them in shackles and snatch their children from their mother’s bosom and claim that they are criminals. Really, then who are we they people that took this land and claimed it to be ours? We killed the Native people who were sent to protect it and nurture it. We paid no price. We earned no reward. We self righteously took hold of it and did with it what ever we wanted. We raped it, we mined it, we never looked back and never looked up in any kind of gratitude or apology for what we have done.
And now- the children are on the chopping block and the Exterminator is at it again. Will we sleep through this war on our children? Will we sit back and later talk about-would have, could have should have?

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Crimes Against Humanity

I can’t begin to tell you how devastated I am thinking about the children that are being snatched from their mother’s arms. What is going on in America? Have we lost sight of our core values, or was I mistaken in thinking we were a beacon light in the world standing for justice and compassion for all of humanity. i guess it was merely a smoke screen to hide who a large majority of people are in this country. I should have know better when I look at the truth of our history. When I read the pages of people’s lives that have endured slavery, turned away from the shores of our country because they were Jewish and we didn’t want to get involved. Native Americans whose land we stole and who’s lives and culture we destroyed. The Japanese camps, the homeless on our streets, the mentally and emotionally ill citizens that roam our streets in live in the dark cold bowels of the hell we allow them to squatter in. Where are the politicians? Where are the educators? Where are the concerned parents? Where are our religious leaders and institutions. Where are we, the ordinary citizens of this global society. I am afraid that this act of kidnapping children from their parents, hides acts of human trafficking. People, we have a responsibility to call out the people in so call power, the people who are suppose to hold God’s truth to share with mankind, the people who educate our children, the people who are suppose to protect us, the people of wealth, and just you and me people that are supposes to be awake in our lives and have a conscious to do the following:
Stand up to crimes against humanity!
Stand up to those who can institute change!
Speak Up and hold people accountable!
Show up in love, respect, compassion and passion to be agents of change.
If we don’t take care of our children and families, society will crumble.

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There he goes again!

Celio’s words of wisdom:

Celio walked into the living room and observed me watching the news. He then proceeded to ask me ” Becky, why do you guys watch so much news?” I responded ” because we want to know what is going on in the world.” He shook his head and looking at me face to face replied, “Becky the world does not tell you what is going on, you must tell the world what is going on”! 

Well I guess once again, ” put of the mouth of babes!” We better stop ignoring children cause obviously they know and hold the truth.

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What Does the song, “God Bless America’ really mean?

John Pavlovitz, wrote an article entitled “No God does not Bless America”, and this is my response:

This article of “wanting to hear ones self talk” makes no sense and is built on the intention of deflection and distraction from the real issues at hand! The song “God Bless America”, which personally I prefer to the national, is a tribute of gratitude for the beauty and magnificence of what God has provided the people of this country with. It is not at any point separating us in terms of an ethnocentric stance from other nations. But we as Americans have much to be grateful for. And in light of living from a place of gratitude we have a grave responsibility for protecting and being good stewards of this land and what it has provided us with! We are so blessed in America that we also have a responsibility to support the welfare and well being of those less fortunate than us within and beyond our borders! As it is asked of us to “Love thy neighbors as you would want them to love you”! This ideology that Trump has used as his mantra “America first” we should embrace it to mean ” Because America has and is so blessed, we have a responsibility to be first in service to mankind”!

We are living in serious times with daily life and death issues! Let’s not use our intellect and creativity on foolishness and idle nonsensical rhetorical conversations! Let’s engage in conversations that open doors to solutions to:





Climate control and preservation of our planet.

Education of our children that is based on quality, equality, relevance, critical thinking, adaptive to cultural and individual needs, inclusive, and inspiring so that we regain our intention to be a literate society.

Global human rights

Yes there is so much to talk about!

Yes there is so much to do and “actions speak louder than words”! 

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Not a Holy War!

Standing on the promises of God! The killing and hate in our world today:It is not a holy war! It is Spiritual warfare! People it is about the evils of:

📍Separation from God




📍Racial supremacy


📍Hunger for food to nourish both body and soul


📍Mental and emotional illness

📍Fear of loss of something that is impossible to hold on to anyway!

📍Righteous indignation


📍Alternative facts and truth

📍Me-Myself-and I syndrome

📍Soulless beings that have forfeited the divine purpose of their earthly existence!

📍Ideology that we are no longer “our brother’s keeper”

Satan might be having a field day right now, but as soon as we figure out that ultimately God is in charge and that love, peace, and that the gift of life is in it’s self God’s power within us, we will rise up with wings of angels and reclaim this earth and all that God has endowed humanity with and evil will diminish until all there is -is God! Yes- God is love and all there is is God!

Wake up in your life and help to usher in that love- 

Speak truth and ethics!

Speak love and respect!

Speak compassion and patience!

Speak it and be it and the vibration that each of us resound will reverberate globally and shift the current that is destroying our planet and deconstructing the divinity of our souls!

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❤️Happy Mother’s Day❤️

📌 Parenting BlogHappy Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s I know who have devoted their lives to raising beautiful children!You have enriched their lives by modeling and teaching them:

🌻the true purpose and blessing of being loved and loving

🌻you have instilled

Integrity, humility, compassion and the reason to be righteous in all aspects of their lives

🌻you have taught them that first they must love God because He is their Heavenly Father-Mother, that was with them from the beginning and has and is their eternal link to all them gives them the essence of their divinity and being!

🌻you have taught them that they have a divine purpose that embodies all the gifts that God endowed them with

🌻you have taught them by loving themselves and honoring and respecting themselves they honor and respect God their Heavenly Father and you their Earthly Mother!

🌻you have taught them that standing in their truth and ever growing and evolving wisdom, they will step into their destiny and life although momentarily faced with challenges, is temporal stepping stones to a life of beauty, peace, joy and fulfillment!

Your God is whispering in your ear this morning and saying…

“Well done thy good and faithful servant! Well done!




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Dooms Day for all Women 

Well, the mean spirited, recentful men that do not value the worth and well being of women in this country or women anywhere in the world have nailed the coffin closed and sealed that they have created to house our lives and spirits! If they imagined by what they did today by repealing the Affordable Health Care Act, has come to an end, they are sorely mistaken. We will march! We will educate! We will recall and vote out those criminals and unethical statesmen and stateswomen that because of their destain for women and citizens less fortunate then them have called them to rape us of  our human rights- our birth rights! We will have justice! We will not be silenced! They have no idea of the power we hold in our womb! We will rise! We will rise! Watch the morning skies! We will rise!

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He has risen, will you?

The Significance of Easter:As I rise this morning thousands of years have passed since my Lord and Savior rose from the dead! I asked myself, “How could it be that this event still be if importance to so many people across the face of the earth, that we still celebrate Christ pushing away the stone that encased his physical body from a tomb, and gave rise to a spiritual body that still lives in all of us today, whether we believe He does or not”! It is merely a choice of whether or not we choose to release that Christ spirit or not! The significance of His death and then His resurrection is to remind all of us that we have choices in life! We can chose what significance we want the gift of our individual lives to be for ourself as individuals and what we want it to be for the collective “humanity”!

We still have time in our favor to chose:

Justice or to perpetuate injustice!

Love or hate!

Peace or war!

Greed or gratitude!

Joy or pain!

Compassion or indifference!

Respect or disrespect!

Inclusion or judgement!

Selflessness or selfishness!

The sacrifice He made was the ultimate one that He did for humanity as a whole, not just for Christians or Jews! Not for only believers of His story that God endowed Him with, but for all of God’s children, because in the eyes of God there is no distinction between men, women and children! In the eyes of God there is no distinction between one religious faith and the “other”! In the eyes of God there is one race, one world and one purpose, and that is to give us another Easter to celebrate another opportunity to recognize who we are, and what He is still holding for us in the depths of His soul to enrich our lives and bring us out of the darkness of death that we cling to, into the eternal light of love and wholeness that He as a parent dreams for His children!

Take hold of this Easter morning to have a renewal of our soul’s purpose and who we can be in and for the world to fulfill God’s divine intention for all His children!

Happy Easter! He has risen, will you!



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